The Preferred Lie

Major Detour : TPL’s Journey to the first ever AIGWO at Muirfield

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We believe every golf course has a story to tell. We’ve been golfing since we could hold a club, and are drawn to the challenge of competitive golf.

We eagerly anticipate the release of Golf Canada & USGA schedules each year so we can plan our path to new golf adventures.

We wish the world’s best golfers played more events on the great links of the British Isles. We believe the everyday heroes at the local muni deserve a chance to share their story.

We believe every golf course has merit.

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Your beliefs match ours. Golf is an adventure, and it should be fun. Golf is good for the mind. Golf is a community and it should be accessible. Quality architecture should be celebrated, so should quality experiences.

You want access to 10,000+ engaged golf consumers in North America, and an increasing number globally.

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